Please excuse the current condition of my homepage. I've decided to re-vamp the whole site with new pictures and text. This page will now be more 'personalized' as opposed to just being devoted to my Mazda Probe GT. This process, unfortunately, might take some time. I thank you all for your patience.

Feel free to check out my links and browse around...and when you're done, please sign my guestbook (preferrably with an amiable msg). If you have any specific questions or suggestions please send them via e-mail instead. Goh mop suhp nee da.

Choose your own path.

1994 Mazda Probe GT
A car more worthy of the Mazda nameplate...its' design origin.
About me.
Autobiography and current Resume
Captain's Log.
Random thoughts & ideas...(updated whenever)
Miscellaneous pictures of family & friends.
Other interests.
Amazingly I have some.
Team EVOlution
My race crew.

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Jaewon kenneth Ahn

Philadelphia, PA

Apparently, my page has only been accessed times since December 1997.

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